Tirpitz Battleship Model (1939 Germany)

WW2 German battleship camouflage painted Tirpitz model
Tirpitz model handcrafted from scratch
Bismarck-class battleship the Tirpitz
Tirpitz German battleship model for sale UK
German battleship model Tirpitz
historic Tirpitz German battleship model
handcrafted Tirpitz German battleship model
pre built Tirpitz German battleship model
completed Tirpitz German battleship model

Tirpitz Battleship Model (1939 Germany)

Size: 100 cm (L) x 31 cm (H)

SKU: 146

WW2 German battleship camouflage painted Tirpitz model

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Length: 39.37" (100 cm)
Width: 6.29" (16 cm)
Height: 12.20" (31 cm)

  • The Tirpitz was a Bismarck-class battleship built for Germany's Kriegsmarine.
  • This WW2 German battleship model is handcrafted from wood with planks on frame construction.

  • A camouflage painted Tirpitz battleship model.
  • Sold fully built and ready for display.

  • This model of Tirpitz battleship comes with a solid wooden stand.

  • Not a kit.

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The German battleship Tirpitz was the sister ship of the infamous Bismarck and one of the largest battleships ever built by the Kriegsmarine during World War II.

Tirpitz was named after Grand Admiral Alfred von Tirpitz, a key figure in the Imperial German Navy during World War I. The ship was laid down in October 1936 and launched on April 1, 1939.

The battleship Tirpitz was part of the Bismarck-class battleships, with a length of approximately 252 meters (827 feet) and a displacement of around 42,900 tons. The battleship was heavily armoured, with a top speed of about 30 knots (56 km/h).

Tirpitz was armed with eight 15-inch (380 mm) guns in four twin turrets. These guns were capable of firing high-explosive and armour-piercing shells. It also had a formidable anti-aircraft armament, including 16 4.1-inch (105 mm) guns, 16 37 mm guns, and 12 20 mm guns.

Tirpitz played a significant role in the Norwegian Campaign in 1940, operating from its base in Norway to threaten Allied convoys. The battleship spent much of its wartime service in Norwegian fjords, where it posed a constant threat to Allied shipping in the Arctic.

The Royal Air Force (RAF) and Royal Navy conducted numerous air raids and special operations to neutralize Tirpitz, but these attempts were largely unsuccessful until November 1944. In Operation Catechism, Lancaster bombers attacked Tirpitz in Tromsø, Norway, causing severe damage and leading to its capsizing.

Tirpitz capsized and sank on November 12, 1944, as a result of the air raid. The wreck was later broken up for scrap.

The sinking of Tirpitz marked the end of a significant threat to Allied shipping in the Arctic and removed one of the last major surface threats posed by the German Navy in the later stages of World War II.

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