Personalised Gifts

Personalize your ship model and make it truly special with our customization options. Add a commemorative plaque, gift wrap, or a personalised card to create a unique and heartfelt gift. Whether you're an individual buyer looking to add a personal touch or a corporation seeking the perfect gift, we offer personalised options that will delight recipients. Elevate your ship model experience with thoughtful customization, turning it into a cherished keepsake for years to come.

If you are buying one of our products as a gift for a friend, you can choose at the checkout to write a personalised message to your friend. We'll print the message on a postcard and insert it in the box free of charge.

If you are buying a ship model as a corporate gift for clients, you can personalise it by adding a commemorative plaque with your own message. The usual charge for the plaque is around £13.00. You can also have the ship model box gift wrapped by us. Please email us prior to purchasing the model in order to arrange either gift wrapping or a commemorative plaque. These options aren't available at the checkout.

Once the package has been dispatched, we'll let you know the parcel tracking number so that you can track it on the courier's website and be aware of when the gift has been delivered.

Please email us to inquire about our personalised gift option and we will be happy to help you surprise your friend or your client with one of our beautiful model ships.

Should you have any queries about our ship models, please do get in touch.

Our address: 7 Kings Drive, Bristol, BS34 8RD, England, UK.
Phone: 0770 2965 152 (international 00 44 770 2965 152) or
Phone: 01454 250562 (international 00 44 1454 250562)



Shipping was on time. It was so well packaged I could have done with a chainsaw to release it. A pleasure doing business with a professional outfit.

DAVID S | 2 JULY 2022

The packaging was fantastic. You have made it very safe for bumps and poor handling with very good support in the box itself.

JOHN P | 3 JAN 2022

Model arrived 4 days early and in perfect condition. Packaging could resist a nuclear warhead. Almost needed a chainsaw to unpack ;).


Was nervous a bit about shipping to Canada but it had an absolutely amazing and sturdy packaging. The customer service is amazing.

MIMI L | 12 FEB 2022