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Our ship models are valuable, detailed and delicate works of art which have taken hundreds of hours and effort to build. Our work is precious to us as it is for you the customer. This is why Admiralty Ship Models has developed a special packaging technique which resulted in a zero breakage record of our ship models during transportation. 
We have optimised our packaging technique for the toughest level of protection during handling by courier or air freight forwarders. We have sent more than 1000 ship models, large and small, via this method to Europe and as far afield as the USA, India, Mexico, Japan and Australia without any issues.
We have had a 100% success record in using this form of packaging and using our special delivery arrangements with UPS and DHL as courier.

Please see below what our customers have said about our ship model packaging:
“Good afternoon, pleased to say that the Gorch Foch has arrived and berthed safely on my sideboard. Lovely model, very pleased with it. Packaging was excellent.”
Kevin M, Telford, UK, 25 March 2020
“Once again, many thanks for a wonderful model of the famous ship. You need a degree in engineering to unravel the package which is very good.”
Jack D, UK, Golden Hind Buyer, 25 September 2019
"I have just received HMS Victory model in the perfect condition. Great quality, detailed as expected. Well done! Thank you very much."
Piotr G, Lodz, Poland, HMS Victory 60 cm buyer, 18 July 2019
“My medium size Chebec is received in good order and without any damage. I was very impressed with the box you made. Took me an hour just to open it carefully. The ship is beautiful and I'm completely satisfied. If you speak with the maker please thank him/her from me and give my compliments on the craftsmanship.”
Onno P, The Netherlands, 19 April 2019
"I've received the Amerigo boat and naturally I am delighted with the work. I must mention the phenomenal quality of your protection for the transport.”
Jean-Paul D, Belgium, Amerigo Vespucci buyer, 10 October 2018

"I received the Victory model this morning. Stunning! I love it. Well packed – you're not kidding!”
Maureen A, UK, HMS Victory buyer, 16 January 2018

"Thank-you so much, the ship model arrived in perfect shape and I set it up last week. It is exactly what I wanted.”
Simon L, Canada, Sovereign of the Seas buyer, 12 July 2017
"The ship model just arrived, carefully unpacked and it is in perfect condition! What a beauty! A pleasure doing business with you. Thank you.” 
Norman N, USA, Soleil Royal buyer, 8 June 2017

"The Victory has arrived – it is just beautiful and exactly what I'd hoped for! Thank you!!! The courier says you are the best packagers in the business - I agree with him! You also make brilliant models!"
Ann, UK, HMS Victory buyer, 16 May 2017

Please contact us if you need a detailed description of our optimised and custom designed packaging for ship models.
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