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Our ship models are valuable, detailed and delicate works of art which have taken hundreds of hours and effort to build. Our work is precious to us as it is for you the customer. This is why Admiralty Ship Models has developed a special packaging technique which resulted in a zero breakage record of our ship models during transportation. 
We have optimised our packaging technique for the toughest level of protection during handling by courier or air freight forwarders. We have sent more than 1000 ship models, large and small, via this method to Europe and as far afield as the USA, India, Mexico, Japan and Australia without any issues.
We have had a 100% success record in using this form of packaging and using our special delivery arrangements with UPS and DHL as courier.

Customer Reviews on Packaging

Great packaging and speed of order processing.
Ioannis P
3 February 2022
The packaging was fantastic. You have made it very safe for bumps and poor handling with very good support in the box itself.
John P
3 January 2022
Extremely well packaged and delivered promptly at the right time.
Barry C
4 February 2022
Model arrived 4 days early and in perfect condition. Packaging could resist a nuclear warhead. Almost needed a chainsaw to unpack ;).
Alexander G
16 January 2022
Great packaging, quick delivery and super happy with my boat. Highly recommend this company.
Chay W
27 March 2021
Was nervous a bit about shipping to Canada but it had an absolutely amazing and sturdy packaging. The customer service is amazing.
Mimi L
12 February 2022
The ship model dimensions quoted on our website are the overall model height (wooden base to highest point), the overall width (utmost extremities) and the overall length (bowsprit tip to tip). 
If you wish to purchase a display case for your model, we recommend that you wait to receive the ship model and then measure it carefully. The display case supplier will be able to advise you how much bigger the case should be in order to adequately fit the model ship inside it.
Please contact us if you have any query or doubts regarding our ship model sizes.
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