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At Admiralty Ship Models, we take immense pride in our artisanal approach. Each of our ship models is meticulously scratch built and brought to life through the skilful hand painting of our master craftsmen. Every detail is carefully attended to, from the intricate rigging, artfully laid out by hand, to the meticulous choice of the finest wood, ensuring a true masterpiece.

Immerse yourself in the allure of our model ships, where heritage meets innovation. Some of our remarkable creations feature real copper-plated hulls, such as the iconic Cutty Sark and the majestic HMS Surprise, adding an exquisite touch of authenticity. Additionally, we proudly offer an impressive range of Man O' War model ships, including legendary vessels like the revered HMS Victory and the awe-inspiring Sovereign of the Seas.

Prepare to embark on a journey through history as our collection extends beyond traditional sailing ships. Explore our Viking longship models, resplendent with their fierce and graceful designs. Delve into the captivating narratives of naval warfare with historical ships from renowned fleets, including the French, British, Dutch, Spanish, and German navies. Behold the grandeur of battleship models and the magnificence of large-scale navy ship models. Marvel at the elegance of Riva model boats, the thrilling speed of Hydroplane models, and the grace of J Class yacht models. We even offer Venice gondola models for those seeking a touch of Italian decoration.

Admiralty Ship Models extends beyond a mere pursuit of nautical excellence. Enhance your living space with our curated selection of nautical home décor, adding an air of sophistication and maritime allure to your surroundings. Our range encompasses an array of enchanting creations, ensuring there is something to suit every taste.

We take pleasure in offering our ship models fully built and meticulously crafted, ready to take centre stage in your collection or as a stunning display piece. Please note that our models are not radio-controlled, nor are they sold as kits. Instead, they are exclusively handcrafted ship models, bearing the indelible mark of our artisans' dedication and skill.

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