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Wappen von Hamburg Ship Model - Medium Size

(Code: 792)
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    Length: 33" (85 cm)
    Width: 12" (30 cm)
    Height: 28" (70 cm)
  2. #HISTORY#
    Wappen von Hamburg was built in Hamburg in the Deich-tor shipyard and the sailing ship was launched in 1669. Its main purpose was to serve as an escort vessel on voyages to the spit Bergen.

    On the 10th of October 1683, she was the victim of a fire which broke out on board which spread to the ship and attained the ship's reserve of gunpowder causing the ship to explode. While the origin of the fire remains unknown, a large portion of the crew lost their lives including Admiral Karbfanger of the 170 sailors nearly half of them died in the disaster.

    Our ship model is a fine representation and decorative model ship of this famous German sailing ship and a fine collection mode.
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