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The Viking longboat models are handcrafted from hardwood. They are not kits. The Viking models are sold fully assembled excluding the masts.

Delivery charge: Click on the model and then on the tab "SHIPPING COST' to find out delivery charge to  the UK, the USA and some EU countries.

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Viking Clinker Hull Model Boat
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Overall size: 45 cm (L) x 35 cm (H)

This Viking boat model is handmade from hard-wood and the hull is clinker built.
A clinker built hull is "a method of boat building where the edges of hull planks overlap each other" and that's why this Viking model ship is more expensive.

  • The Viking Clinker model boat is sold fully assembled.

  • Comes with mast lying down and buyer will have to raise the mast.
  • The hull is made with overlapping strakes construction.

  • Supported by a solid wooden stand.

  • Handmade from hard-wood.

  • Not a kit.

(Code: 128)
Drakkar Viking Longship Model

Overall size: 60 cm (L) x 65 cm (H)
  • The Drakkar Viking longship model is sold fully assembled

  • Comes with mast lying down and buyer will have to raise the mast
  • Handmade from hardwood with planks on frame construction

  • Not a kit