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The VASA is a handmade model ship painted in a beautiful emerald green colour. Our models of the VASA are built to a high level of accuracy and detail. These VASA models are sold fully assembled so that you can put the model ship for display as soon as you receive it. These are not kits.

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Vasa Ship Model (1627 Sweden)|Medium Size
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Size: 71 cm (L) x 59 cm (H)

The VASA wooden galleon model ship is decorated with wooden hand-carved pieces and it's bursting with colour. The wooden model ship is handmade from scratch and sold fully assembled. This is not a kit.

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Vasa Ship Model (1627 Sweden)|Small Size
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Size: 59 cm (L) x 39 cm (H)
  • Supported by a solid wooden stand.

  • Handmade from scratch.

  • Sold fully built.

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Vasa Ship Model in Display Case|Miniature Size
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Display Case Size: 26.5 cm (L) x 17 cm (H)

The VASA miniature ship model in display case is moulded plastic and the sails are made of cloth. The wooden case has glass panes supported by solid teak.