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The large Sunseeker Predator model boat is sold fully assembled and ready for display. It's not a kit and it isn't radio-controlled. The Sunseeker is a luxury yacht model boat with brass chromed metallic fittings and strips, leather cushion seats and a wooden stand. The Sunseeker model has been handcrafted from wood using plank on frame technique and then painted.
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Sunseeker Predator 80 Model BoatSize: 83 cm (L) x 40 cm (H)

Save £100 on Sunseeker Predator boat model
The Sunseeker Predator 80 luxury boat model is handcrafted from wood using plank on frame technique.
  • Metal fittings and strips are brass and chromed stainless steel
  • Fully assembled boat model of the Sunseeker Predator
  • Comes with a wooden stand
  • Not a kit and not radio-controlled
  • Not waterproof
  • For display purposes only