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Sovereign of the Seas Model Ship

The Sovereign of the Seas is one of the most majestic and elaborately detailed wooden ship models of our British Heritage Collection. These scale ship models are made out of wood from start to finish. We use varnish on the hull to bring out the preciousness of the wood used. The decorations on this wooden model ship are all carved by hand. The large wooden ship model carries very elaborate and intricately detailed carvings.

Sovereign of the Seas Ship Model (1638 GB) – Large SizeThis large Sovereign of the Seas model ship is lavishly decorated with carvings and displays exceptional craftsmanship. Please contact us for delivery charge.
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Sovereign of the Seas Ship Model (1638 GB) – Medium SizeFREE DELIVERY TO ENGLAND AND WALES - ADD MODEL TO SHOPPING CART
The ornaments in this lavishly decorated ship model are all hand-carved in wood.