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Riva Ariston Model|Small

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Size: 50 cm (L) x 14 cm (H)

The Riva Ariston model boat is handcrafted from wood using plank on frame technique. The metal fittings and strips are brass and chromed stainless steel. Upholsteries are available in 2 different colours to choose from.
This is not a kit and it is not radio-controlled. 

  1. #SIZE#
    Length: 19.68" (50 cm)
    Width: 5.51" (14 cm)
    Height: 5.51" (14 cm)

    - Not a kit
    - Not radio-controlled
    - Not waterproof
    - For decoration purposes only
    Models are shipped by UPS and shipping costs are as follows:

    UK mainland @ £17.00
    Ireland @ £41.00
    Germany, France, Holland, and Belgium @ £34.00
    Spain, Portugal, Italy, Austria, Czech Republic, and Denmark @ £43.00
    Slovakia and Hungary @ £48.00
    Switzerland @ £53.00

    If the delivery address is outside above-mentioned countries, please email us to request a shipping quote. Please ensure you provide at least the country, city, and postcode.
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