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San Felipe (1690 Spain)|Large Size

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Discontinued Product

A double plank on frame teak ship model of the Spanish Galleon San Felipe - the jewel in the crown of the Spanish Armada.

    Length: 41" (102 cm)
    Width: 16" (40 cm)
    Height: 30" (78 cm)

    Elaborate deck and stern details. Fine teak planking and very detailed varying thickness rigging.

  2. #HISTORY#
    A Historical Background of the Galleon from the Spanish Armada

    The San Felipe, launched in 1690, was one of the most beautiful Spanish galleons of the XVII century. She was the lead ship of the famous Spanish Armada and able to take on the most formidable ships in the French and British navies. The San Felipe's was used in the war against the British and French to protect Spanish settlements and harbours, to transport treasures, and to safeguard the long and hazardous passage back to Spanish ports.

    In 1705, she participated in a furious and heroic battle between 12 Spanish ships and 35 British ships. After 24 hours of battle, she was captured by an English ship but was so badly damaged that she could not be salvaged as a prize. She went down to the bottom of the ocean with several tons of gold. The SAN FELIPE is a favourite ship.

    The model is elegant, very beautifully designed, and makes a decorative piece of art for display. The story goes that the ship model is based on reconstruction drawings published by the Italian Vincenzo Lusci in 1966 who referred to some 19th-century Spanish historian. Lusci described the San Felipe as the first-rate ship with 104 - 110 cannon that was launched in La Coruna in 1690 and was lost in 1705 after a battle with 35 English ships. This is an authentic wooden model ship of the San Felipe.
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