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J-Class Model Yacht Pen Duick|Small Size

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£ 240.00

Size: 39 (L) x 61.5 (H) cm

The small model sailboat Pen Duick is lacquered painted for a stylish finish.

  • The small model sailboat has a solid wooden stand and it's sold fully assembled - no need to hook up the rigging
  • Handmade from scratch
  • Dispatched by UPS
  • This is not a kit and it isn't made from a kit
  • Not radio-controlled

  1. #SIZE#
    Length: 15.35" (39 cm)
    Width: 3.15" (8 cm)
    Height: 24.21" (61.5 cm)

    Special Feature: Lacquer Painted
    This is not a kit. Not radio-controlled.
  2. #HISTORY#
    We cover a broad range of sailing yachts from the classic to the J Class type yacht. The J Class has its roots in the oldest sporting race in the world, The America’s Cup. This International Event was born from an annual race around the Isle of Wight, hosted by the Royal Yacht Squadron and called the ‘100 Guinea Cup’. We sell J Class yacht models as well as other types of yachts and we are constantly adding new yacht models to extend our collection. We have established a large fan base of model enthusiasts and collectors who regularly purchase this range of models.

    PLEASE NOTE: All our models are only for display and decorative purposes. They are not functioning models or waterproof. They must not be left outdoors.