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Le Superbe Model Ship

The Superbe wooden model ship is available in small, medium and large formats. The ship models on display are completely built out of wood with special attention to deck details and rigging which are handmade. The Superbe scale model ship bears carefully hand carved figurehead and stern decorations. All our wooden model ships are sold fully built and ready for display.

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Le Superbe Ship Model (1784 France)|Medium Size
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This is a beautifully hand-crafted ship model of Le Superbe. The wooden model ship is 62 cm long and supported by a solid wooden stand. Le Superbe ship model is fully assembled and ready for display.

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Le Superbe Ship Model (1784 France)|Small Size
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The small Superbe model ship is handmade and quite detailed for its size. The small wooden model ship is perfect for a compact space.

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Le Superbe Ship Model (1784 France)|Large Size

This is a beautifully crafted large ship model of Le Superbe.