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Known as the "Licorne" in French or "Unicorn" in English, this La Licorne wooden model ship is a representation of the ship model that appears in The Adventures of Tintin. The ship model more specifically appears in the episode "The Secret of the Unicorn" or "Le Secret de la Licorne". The La Licorne model ship is made from scratch and hand painted according to the ship described in the episode.

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La Licorne Ship Model|Medium Size

Overall size: 66 cm (L) x 63.5 cm (H)

La Licorne is a fictional Royal Navy vessel that featured in The Adventures of Tintin comic books published in 1943. La Licorne ship is also known as The Unicorn.
  • Model ship sold fully assembled including the sails

  • Supported by a solid wooden stand

  • Handmade and hand-painted

  • Not a kit