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La Confiance Ship Model (1799 France) Medium Size

Admiralty Ship Models
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This medium size La Confiance model ship is a wooden plank on frame ship model with copper pinned hull. This La Confiance wooden model ship is an elegant French sailing ship model that will go with any room in the house. All our ship models are sold assembled and ready for display.

  1. #SIZE#
    Length: 27" (70 cm)
    Width: 10" (25 cm)
    Height: 23.6" (60 cm)

    This is a museum quality copper pinned wooden plank on frame ship model.
    Models are shipped by UPS and these are approximate shipping costs:

    UK mainland @ £37.00
    Germany, France, Holland, and Belgium @ £58.00
    Spain, Portugal, Italy, Austria, Czech Republic, Poland and Denmark @ £64.00
    Switzerland, Slovakia and Hungary @ £74.00

    If the delivery address is outside above-mentioned countries, please email us to request a shipping quote. Please ensure you provide at least the country, city, and postcode.
  3. #HISTORY#
    In May 1800, Surcouf took command of La Confiance, a fine and fast 18-gun ship from Bordeaux undergoing repairs in Isle de France (Mauritius). Beginning in March, Surcouf led a brilliant campaign which resulted in the capture of nine British ships. On the 7 October, 1800, in the Bay of Bengal, La Confiance met the 38-gun Kent, a 1200-ton East Indiaman with 400 men and a company of naval riflemen. Despite being outnumbered three to one, the French managed to seize control of the Kent. He became a living legend in France and, in England, a public enemy whose capture was valued at 5 million francs, although he was noted for the discipline of his crew and his humane treatment of prisoners.
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