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HMS Victory Model Ship

These are scaled model ships of the HMS Victory ship docked in Portsmouth. Our HMS Victory models are built from scratch and make unique displays representing a key turning point in British history. All the wooden model ships features are replicated to the best of our ability. We present the HMS Victory model ships between varnished and painted versions to appeal to different tastes.

HMS Victory Ship Model (1785 GB)|Medium Size|Painted 60 cm

The wooden HMS Victory model ship is skilfully painted and very detailed. The ship model is ready for display and requires no assembling. The model ship is 60 cm long and supported by a solid wooden stand.

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HMS Victory Ship Model (1785 GB)|Medium Size|Painted 79 cm

The stunning 79 cm long Victory ship model has detailed rigging, deck, and bow. The model ship has been handmade from scratch and hand painted. It has a solid wooden stand.