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HMS HOOD Battleship Model

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  1. #SIZE#
    Length: 1 m
    Width: 13.5 cm
    Height: 30 cm

    This HMS Hood model ship comes fully built. It is not a kit.
    Models are shipped by UPS and shipping costs are as follows:

    UK mainland @ £40.00
    Germany, France, Holland, and Belgium @ £62.00
    Spain, Portugal, Italy, Austria, Czech Republic, Poland and Denmark @ £67.00
    Slovakia and Hungary @ £80.00

    If the delivery address is outside above-mentioned countries, please email us to request a shipping quote. Please ensure you provide at least the country, city, and postcode. If the delivery address is in the USA, please also provide the name of the state.
  3. #HISTORY#
    HMS Hood was in service between 1920 and 1941. Sadly, it sunk during the Battle of Denmark Strait, on 24 May 1941.Commissioned in 1920, HMS Hood was the last battlecruiser built for the Royal Navy. HMS Hood was one of four Admiral-class battlecruisers ordered in mid-1916 and her design was revised after the Battle of Jutland and improved while she was under construction. For this reason, she was the only ship of her class to be completed. She was named after the 18th-century Admiral Samuel Hood and she remained the largest and most powerful warship in the world for twenty years after her commissioning and her prestige was reflected in her nickname "The Mighty Hood".

    HMS Hood Association
    Battlecruiser HMS Hood - Crew Information, Specifications, History and Photos. All the resources you need to know about the HMS Hood battleship. The veterans, families and friends dedicated to preserving the memories of Britain's most famous 20th Century warship and its crew.
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