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HMS Bellona Ship Model (1760 GB)

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Two layers of planking are used on the HMS Bellona model ship and the hull is built using wooden (teak) double plank on frame technique.

    Length: 40" (1.02 m)
    Width: 14.5" (37 cm)
    Height: 33.5" (85 cm)

    This stunning ship model of the HMS Bellona is totally handcrafted from scratch. The hull of the model is built using wooden (teak) double plank on frame technique. Two layers of planking are used on the ship model. These planks are very narrow planks. The colours used on this ship model are the authentic colours used on the HMS Bellona checked against accurate publications. The yellow and blue paints make a stunning match. The decking on this ship model is a fully laminated deck made using and an array of very narrowly cut wooden planks.

    The decks are of teak wood and treated with varnish to bring out the value of the wood. The deck details on this model are miniature replicas of the HMS Bellona. The cannons for this model are individually turned from brass rods and mounted onto handmade wooden supports. The ship's figurehead is hand carved wood and represents a soldier drawing his sword before battle. The masts used on this ship model are made out of solid wood. All mast tops and tessel trees are painted black and also possess the required details according to plans. Several thicknesses of rigging are used.
  2. #HISTORY#
    The HMS Bellona was a 74-gun third-rate used in the Napoleonic wars and built at Chatham, launched in 1760. The Bellona was tasked to join the squadron blockading Brest during the Seven Years War. HMS Bellona was used on the Tagus River in Spain. The HMS Bellona engaged the French 74-gun ship Courageux in company with two frigates. The HMS Bellona eventually took on the Courageux. The frigates escaped, but the Courageux struck her colours and was later re-fitted and used by the Royal Navy.

    In 1762 Bellona was paid off.She was used in the American Revolutionary War after she had been coppered. Until 1783 HMS Bellona served in the North Sea and the West Indies. In 1801 HMS Bellona served under Nelson in the Battle of Copenhagen. She also served in the North Sea and Bay of Biscay until 1814, when she paid off for the last time and broken up.
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