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HMAV Bounty Ship Model (1787 GB) Medium Size / Painted

(Code: 434)

A superbly crafted and hand-painted wooden ship model of Captain Bligh's HMAV Bounty.

    Length: 27.5" (70 cm)
    Width: 12" (30 cm)
    Height: 33.5" (85 cm)

    A superbly crafted and hand painted wooden ship model of Captain Bligh's HMAV Bounty.
  2. #HISTORY#
    The Bounty was purchased by the Admiralty and recommissioned in 1787. She was transporting goods to the West Indies when a dramatic mutiny was led by Fletcher Christian against the infamous Captain Bligh. After completion of the trip, Bligh was forced into the launch with 18 of his loyal supporters. Fletcher navigated the longboat 3,600 miles and settled for the next 25 years on Pitcairn Island.
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