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Dutch Marker Roundbow (1990) Model Boat

(Code: 044)
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£ 300.00
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  1. #SIZE#
    Length: 22.5" (57 cm)
    Width: 5.5" (14 cm)
    Height: 23" (58.5 cm)
    Models are shipped by UPS and shipping costs are as follows:

    UK mainland @ £32.00
    Germany, France, Holland, and Belgium @ £51.00
    Spain, Portugal, Italy, Austria, Czech Republic, Poland and Denmark @ £56.00
    Slovakia and Hungary @ £66.00

    If the delivery address is outside above-mentioned countries, please email us to request a shipping quote. Please ensure you provide at least the country, city, and postcode.
  3. #HISTORY#
    The Dutch Marker Roundbow is a new ship model on our list. Itís quite a modern design because the original Dutch Marker Roundbow was built in the early 1990í.
Customer reviews
Shopping Satisfaction
I originally ordered a boat from the main competition to ASM and was appalled by the service and false information about items in stock.
I was dubious about putting in another order, but ASM were a refreshing change. Ordering, processing and delivery went extremely smoothly with good information all the way through.
It takes about half and hour to fight you way into the packing, i.e. it is well protected! :-)
The boat is a wonderful addition to the space I had in mind - I think it is great!
Malcolm S.
Thank you, Malcolm, for your informative review. We're happy that you like the model. We need to pack it really well so that it won't break in transit. Rest assured that you aren't the only one who spent half an hour unpacking the model :) All the best!
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