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Chebec Ship Model (1700's)|Medium Size

Admiralty Ship Models
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The model ship contains finely hand carved wooden decorations and is elegantly shaped using plank on frame. It has been built based on the original plans. The model has an exotic look making it a differentiated decorative display model ship.


  1. #SIZE#
    Length: 26.37" (67 cm)
    Width: 5" (13 cm)
    Height: 21.65" (55 cm)

    This is a fantastic plank on frame ship model of the Chebec based on the original plans with all its ornaments being hand-carved pieces which took hours to complete. It's a classic and very detailed historic Arabian ship model.

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  3. #HISTORY#
    The Chebec was one of the fastest ships of its era. The Chebec was a typical ship with roots in North African countries. It was the typical format for ships frequenting the ports of Algiers, Tunis, and Tripoli. The Chebec was armed with 24 cannons. This particular ship model is based on the French Chebec design of the ship 'Le Requin'.

    The French and Spanish both copied the North African ship design for its speed. Le Requin was one of eight Chebecs built in France between 1750 and 1762. Le Requin was built by Joseph Caubet, a native of Majorca, and the build lasted eight months. The amazing aerodynamic profile of this ship speaks for its speed capabilities. Chebecs were used in the Mediterranean by French corsairs mainly for quick interception and getaway.
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