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Here you'll find the best models of British ships. We invest all our craft and passion to recreate professional model ships fit for British pride.

These models of British ships are all handmade from scratch using plank on frame technique. Many of the large and medium model wooden ships have two colour riggings of several thickness laid out by hand.

Model ships are supported by a solid wooden stand and have a plaque with their name. If you are giving the ship model away as a gift, we can add a commemorative plaque with your message at an extra cost. Please contact us for details.

(Code: 050)
HMS Victory Ship Model|Medium Size|Painted 60 cm
In Stock
Overall size: 60 cm (L) x 44 cm (H)

A fully assembled HMS Victory model ship.
  • Handmade wooden replica of HMS Victory
  • Copper pinned hull
  • Sold fully built and ready for display including the sails
  • Supported by a solid wooden stand
  • Not a kit
(Code: 106)
HMS Victory Ship Model|Improved Small Size
In Stock

Overall size: 45 cm (L) x 41 cm (H)

This is an improved HMS Victory ship model in small size. The ship model is quite detailed for its size and beautifully crafted.
  • Model is sold fully built

  • Handmade from scratch

  • Not a kit and not made from a kit

(Code: 142)
HMS Victory Cross Section (1805 GB)
In Stock

Overall Size:

29 cm (L) x 76 cm (H)

The wooden HMS Victory cross-section is handcrafted from scratch.
  • Fully built Victory cross-section.

  • Wooden ship model cross-section.

  • Collection in Bristol (UK) only.

(Code: 080)
HMAV Bounty Ship Model (1787 GB)|Small Size
In Stock

Size: 49 cm (L) x 37 cm (H)

This sturdy model of the Bounty ship is sold fully built and ready for display. This is a handmade model ship.

(Code: 083)
Cutty Sark Ship Model (1869 GB)|Small Size
In Stock

Overall size:

59 cm (L) x 40 cm (H)
  • This Cutty Sark model boat has a copper plated hull completely laid by hand.

  • This stunning Cutty Sark model boat is handmade from scratch.

  • Not a kit.

  • Sold fully built and ready for display.

(Code: 101)
Cutty Sark Ship Model (1869 GB)|Mini Size
In Stock

Overall size:

44 cm (L) x 29 cm (H)

A quite detailed model of the Cutty Sark clipper.
  • Copper plated hull completely laid out by hand.

  • Handmade wooden model.

  • Not a kit.

(Code: 135)
Victory Glass Paperweight
In Stock


10 cm diameter x 4.5 cm (H)

A memorable HMS Victory souvenir.

This limited edition glass paperweight is handcrafted by the master glass blowers in Bath. It is made in clear glass with a swirl of the authentic Bath blue glass in the center.

The silver engraving quotes Nelson's famous call: "England Expects That Every Man Will Do His Duty".

A highly collectable blue glass decorative item.
* Made in Bath, Great Britain *

(Code: 020)
HMS Surprise Ship Model (1794 GB)|Medium Size

Overall size:

70 cm (L) x 51 cm (H)

An improved version of our best selling model HMS Surprise. The wooden model ship has very detailed figure head and stern decorations.

 Get the last one! 

  • HMS Surprise model ship with copper plated hull.
  • Supported by a solid wooden stand.

  • A handcrafted model ship of HMS Surprise.
  • Sold fully built and ready for display.
  • Not a kit.

  • Dispatched from Bristol or Click & Collect.

(Code: 084)
HMS Victory Ship Model|Large Size|Sails Furled

Size: 109 cm (L) x 84 cm (H)

This stunning replica of HMS Victory ship is double planked and has the sails closed. A very detailed HMS Victory model with excellent built quality.

  • A model of HMS Victory with sails furled.
  • A double planked HMS Victory ship model.
  • Supported by a solid wooden stand.
  • Handcrafted large scale HMS Victory model.
  • Model is sold fully assembled and ready for display.
  • Not a kit.