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Brick Negrier Model Ship

The Brick Negrier was a French ship heavily involved in the slave trade in Africa. It was designed to be very fast and could sail further upriver than normal vessels which served this unfortunate period of human history.
All our model ships are finely handcrafted from scratch using the best wood. Decorations and deck details are handmade to the highest detail. A few models of the Brick Negrier have been purchased by Museums to illustrate the vessels involved in the Slave Trade. All our models come fully built and ready for display.
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Brick Negrier Ship Model (1830 France) - Mini Size
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A mini wooden Brick Negrier model ship perfect for a small space.
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Brick Negrier Ship Model (1830 France)
Brick Negrier was a French ship widely used mainly for the purpose of the slave trade. This is a scaled representation of a historic ship from a dark period in human history.