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Belle Poule Ship Model (1834 France)|Medium Size

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Overall size:

70 cm (L) x 53 cm (H)

This is a wooden plank on frame model of the Belle Poule built to museum quality.
  • Model has copper pinned hull.

  • Supported by a solid wooden stand.

  • Wooden ship model, handcrafted from scratch and sold fully assembled.

  • Not a kit.

    ready made wooden ship model Belle PouleOverall dimensions:

    Length: 27.5" (70 cm)
    Width: 9" (22 cm)
    Height: 21" (53 cm)

    Special feature: Copper pinned hull

    - Supported by a solid wooden stand.
    - Wooden ship model, handcrafted from scratch and sold fully assembled.
    - Not a kit.

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  3. #HISTORY#
    The Belle-Poule was launched only in 1834. Her design was inspired by the USS Constitution cruiser class. The Belle Poule displayed very good sailing properties. On 1 August 1839, under command of the Prince of Joinville, third son of King Louis-Philippe, she left Cherbourg to join the Eastern fleet of Admiral Lalande. The frigate Belle-Poule brought back the remains of Napoléon from St Helena to France in 1840. She had been painted black for the occasion. On September 30, she arrived back in Cherbourg, after leaving the remains of the Emperor in Le Havre.

    In 1844, Joinville, then vice-admiral, was sent to Morocco to support the action of General Thomas Robert Bugeaud in Algeria, with the Suffren, the Jemmapes, the Triton, and the frigate Belle-Poule. Afterward, the Belle-Poule cruised the Indian Ocean, where a cyclone left her with serious damage. She was repaired in Sainte-Marie de Madagascar and returned to Brest. She took part in the Crimean War, mostly as a transport. In 1859, she was used to transport ammunition and was decommissioned on 19 March 1861. She was still used to store gunpowder until 1888.