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Belle Poule Model Ship

The Belle Poule was a French warship of exceptional sailing characteristics. The Belle Poule was used to bring the ashes of Napoleon back to France from Ste Helena. All our wooden model ships are finely handcrafted from scratch using the best wood. Decorations and deck details are handmade to the highest detail. It takes hundreds of hours to complete each model making our model ships highly collectable and timeless pieces of art. All our models come fully built and ready for display.
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Belle Poule Ship Model (1834 France) – Large Size
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This large Belle Poule ship model is a wooden plank on frame model built to an excellent level of quality. This wooden Belle Poule model ship is handcrafted from scratch and is ready for display.
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Belle Poule Ship Model (1834 France) – Medium Size
This is a wooden plank on frame model of the Belle Poule built to museum quality.