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Astrolabe Ship Model (1811 France)|Small Size

Admiralty Ship Models
(Code: 019)
£ 350.00

This is a classic French sailing ship model of L'Astrolabe.It is built with teak wood and handcrafted from scratch.

    Length: 21" (54 cm)
    Width: 7" (16 cm)
    Height: 18" (45 cm)

  2. #HISTORY#
    Her first major expedition as Coquille was from 1822 to 1825, she explored the southern hemisphere. She was renamed Astrolabe after one of La Perouse’s ships. She sailed the Australian and Western Pacific Islands and visited 120 Islands. In 1836, the French Emperor Louis-Philippe mounted an expedition to locate the magnetic pole under the command of Dumont D’urville. During her career, the ship helped catalogue and collect a vast amount of knowledge in the field of botany and fauna.
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