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Do you buy second hand model ships?

We're sorry but we don't buy second hand model ships. If you're looking for a place to sell your model ship, you can try eBay or

Do you repair models?

No, we don't repair models. Sorry!

Do you sell display case for ship models?

We don't sell display cases. If you're in the UK and looking for display cases, please check out these websites:

Above websites have been recommended by our own customers.

Do you sell kits?

We don't sell kits at all - and our models are not made from kits. We don't buy new kits from anyone because we don't sell them.

Do you sell model ship plans?

We don't sell model plans.

Do you sell model ship spare parts?

We don't sell model ship spare parts. If you're looking for ship model flags, model boat fittings, tools, accessories and consumables, have a look at