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France II Tall Ship Model (1911 France)|Large Size

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  1. #SIZE#
    Length: 41.73" (106 cm)
    Width: 8.26" (21 cm)
    Height: 27.16" (69 cm)
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  3. #HISTORY#
    Built in 1911 at the yards ("Chantiers et Ateliers de la Gironde") located on the banks of the river Garonne in Bordeaux to the plans of chief designer Gustave Leverne (1861-1940) for the nickel ore trade and was owned by the "Société Anonyme des Navires Mixtes (Prentout-Leblond, Leroux & Cie.)". She was an extremely large tall ship of 5,633 GRT and square-rigged as a five-masted steel-hulled barque. Her five masts, all yards, and the spanker boom were made of steel tubing; lower mast and topmast were made in one piece. She featured a so-called "jubilee rig", also called "bald-headed rig", meaning she was rigged with no royal sails above double topsails and double topgallant sails.

    She had a huge sail area of 6,350 m [68,350 sq. ft]. Her long yards and the less tall masts gave her a rather wide and depressed appearance in comparison to other tall ships of her class. She was 146.5 meters (480.5 ft) long, her displacement was 10,710 metric tonnes (10,541 tons standard (ts)), and she could carry 7,300 tons of cargo.

    In the night of July 12, 1922, she went aground on the Teremba reef (Urai bay) North West to the Ouano reef, nearly 60 nm north-west of Nouméa, New Caledonia, homeward bound to Europe with a cargo of chrome ore from Pouembout. Because of fallen cargo rates her owner refused to pay to tow her free from the Ouano reef by a tug boat which was absolutely possible. In 1944, American bombers bombed the wreckage for target practice.
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