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Product Rating
5 / 5
The model has wonderful detail and was very well constructed - it's everything I hoped it would be and is now on display in my living room. Many Thanks!!
Jerry W. 8/29/2021 at 00h22
5 / 5
The ships are made by truly talented people. I sincerely hope 'Admiralty Ships Models' prosper for many years to come. Thanks for everything. S.W.
S.W. 4/16/2021 at 14h16
Thank you so much!
Admiralty Ship Models 4/16/2021 at 17h43
4 / 5
Good model. The nameplate could have been done better (hence 4 stars) but a small matter easily rectified. Supplier was supportive with this.
Glynn C. 5/7/2020 at 09h57