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Admiralty Ship Model
Large Ship ModelsLarge Ship Models
View our range of large wooden historic ship models that are built to a very high degree of accuracy. These are museum quality handmade ship models finished to the original colours of the ships. They are of the order of or just exceeding 1 metre in length. Commemorative Scale Ship Models such as the HMS Victory and HMS Agamemnon (Coming Soon). A breathtaking museum quality model of the Sovereign of the Seas. These model ships are very elaborate model built to a high level of accuracy and craftmanship. They are built as very precise and detailed replicas of the real ship. All model ships decorations are handcarved wood. These are our best wooden ship models. The model ships list: [HMS Victory, Sovereign of the Seas, HMS Bellona, HMS Trincomalee, Cutty Sark, HM Bark Endeavour, Royal Yacht Caroline, Soleil Royal (Soleil Royale), Chebec (Xebec), Amerigo Vespucci, SS Great Britain, Mary Rose, HMS Agamemnon Model Ships].
Medium Ship Models 1Medium Ship Models 1
View the full array of handmade medium sized historic ship models also very finely built. These are finely built wooden ship models. Our model ships are finished with clear varnish to bring out the beauty of the wood. They measure between 60cm to 70cm in length. These ship models too are as precise and detailed replica as ship models of that scale can be handcrafted. Listed in this page are: The classic model ships list: [Cutty Sark, HMS Victory, HMAV Bounty, HM Bark Endeavour, The Albatros American Schooner, Le Superbe, Le Soleil Royal (Soleil Royale), The Wasa "Pronounced: Vasa", Sovereign of the Seas (Royal Sovereign), Hermione (L'Hermione) and HMS Surprise]. All our model ships are hand made, all decorations hand carved and rigging hand laid giving you a fully scratch built model ship of very high quality. Always keep track of our new additions. please note that we also custom build model ships for museums, private collectors and private businesses.
Medium Ship Models 2Medium Ship Models 2
Visit our new medium range of ship models in this second page on medium ship models. It shows our new hand made ship models from now shot against natural light to bring out the true colours and natural beauty of the models. This summarizes our efforts in expanding our ship model range to as much as possible. This expansion is constant and should carry on in the coming years as we build a wider variety of ship models.
Model Ship Cross-SectionsModel Ship Cross-Sections
View our array of Model Ship Cross-Sections that we currently stock. These include HMS Victory cross-sections in both painted and varnished model ship versions. These ship models are built to very precise and detailed guidelines to produce an astounding historic replica model. The model ship cross section list: [Historic Ships: HMS Victory (Varnished), HMS Victory (Painted), HMAV Bounty, Soleil Royal (Soleil Royale) & USS Constitution].
Yachts Half HullsYachts Half Hulls
View our collection of our best model ships half block hulls on display. Our half hull models are based on famous yachts from the America Cup. They are precise and use rare & special woods to produce a fine decorative effect. These are great replica hulls built to detailed templates. Among these you will find half hulls for historic model yachts: [Pen Duik, America, Shamrock, Australia 2 & the Blue Nose].
Nautical Gifts & Small Model BoatsNautical Gifts & Small Model Boats
View our newly added handmade nautical gifts starting with nautical knot boards. These nautical decorative items are very precise & detailed. Other items include glass cased miniature ship models, fine nautical prints, small scale battleship models and miscellaneous nautical or maritime gifts. More nautical gifts to be added soon, so please keep checking this page.
Military & Nautical PrintsMilitary & Nautical Prints
In paralllel with ship models, we also have special page focusing on classic Naval, Maritime, Military and Nautical art prints. These are prints and reproductions on embossed paper. Replicas of 17th, 18th and 19th century ships. Our military nautical paintings are printed copies of oil on canvas depicting nautical scenery, battles involving military period sailing warships.
British Model ShipsBritish Model Ships
Wooden Model Ships, Wooden Model Boats of Sailing Ships of the British Royal Navy grouped in one section irrespective of size. These are Classic British Ships of the Line dating back as far as the 1600's. All the hand made (handcrafted) wooden model boats & model ships are displayed on this page for browsing.
French Model ShipsFrench Model Ships
French Model Ships & Model Boats. Historic Sailing Ships Models of the French Navy of all sizes and types grouped in one page. These are Classic French Ships of the Line dating back as far as the 1600's France. All the hand made (handcrafted) wooden model boats & model ships are displayed on this page for browsing.
Rest of the WorldRest of the World
Model Ships, Classic Model Yachts & Historic Model Boats of the Rest of the World. Historic Sailing Ships Models of the Navies of the World (World Navy) of all sizes and types grouped in one page. These are Ships of the Line dating back as far as the 1600's France. All the hand made (handcrafted) wooden model boats & model ships are displayed on this page for browsing. Ships from the following countries are listed: Italy (Italia, Italie), Sweden (Sverige, Suede), Germany (Deutschland, Allemagne), Spain (Espana, Espagne), USA (Etats Unis), Holland (Hollande), Portugal. Our masterpieces are on sale online. All you have to do is shop, order online and pay online or by contacting us.
Tall Ship Models Model TallshipsTall Ship Models Model Tallships
Tall ships are traditionally rigged sailing vessels. Popular modern tall ship rigs include topsail schooners, brigantines, brigs and barques.The term tall-ship came into widespread use in the mid-20th century with the advent of the Tall Ships Races, and was not generally used in the era when such ships were the norm. So most period ships were then classified as ships rather than tall ships. One could argue that most of our models displayed on our site are classified as tallships. However we have used the tall ship terminology to distinguish the traditionally rigged modern tall ships from the classic sailing ships.
Admiralty Ship Models-Custom Built Model ShipsAdmiralty Ship Models-Custom Built Model Ships
Here are a few warships from our long list of historic ship models blueprints which can be ordered/commissioned. Our list of ship models blueprints is extensive and are the original blueprints to be issued by the Right Honourable Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty of Whitehall. All you have to do is contact us with your ship models of interest, your name, email address and phone number and we will get back to you. Even if your ship model does not feature in this section, it may not be a problem to build your ship model of interest. All our ship models are hand built from scratch and finished to the best achievable level of detail. Greater levels of detail can be achieved on custom made ship models depending on the client's requirements. You have the guarantee of recceiving a precise & detailed replica of the ship you are afterand based on your budget.
More On Custom OrdersMore On Custom Orders
If you like the level of quality and detail in our model ships but can't exactly find what you are looking for on our website, you can contact us and we will comission a model ship that matches your specifications. In the past we have built model ships for individual ship model collectors, museums and ship owners. The quality of the model required can be specified. It normally ranges between the basic but very detailed model to the museum quality accurate ship model. The degree of precision and level of detail & accuracy of your replica model will is relative to your budget limitations. Read this section carefully and contact us by sending us an email or send us a message concerning any query about our model ships via the Contact Us page.
Construction ProcessConstruction Process
All our wooden ship models are built from scratch using the best available types of wood and material. At NO Point are pre-fabricated low quality moulded metallic or even worse plastic parts used. Detailing our wooden ship model building process will illustrate our commitment to producing 100% hand built (handcrafted) ship models. This insight purposefully demonstrates the level of care and amount of work that goes into building each ship model. Here is a quick stroll through our model ships construction process. Click to read more.
Business Trade TermsBusiness Trade Terms
These are our terms of trading for buyers such as High Street Outlets, Museums, Shops, Corporate Buyers & Online Sellers. We offer special discounted rates for businesses when ordering ship models in multiple amounts. The discounts apply to organisations purchasing for the purpose of re-sale. Please check this page for the full range of trade discounts that we offer. Please note that the purchasing conditions set below are not flexible.
Arrange a VisitArrange a Visit
Like a particular ship model and want to see the ship model in front of you before buying. We recommend that you examine compare the precise and detailed work on our replica ship models. We will arrange for you to view our model ships at a time that is convenient to you. Click on the contact us option and keep our contact details. You may send us an email directly using our webmail system.
Delivery or CollectionDelivery or Collection
We offer a number of options as far as shipping is concerned. Getting the ship model to you safely is very important to us and we do our best to provide you with the proper service. You only have to choose the option that is suited to you and your location. Your model ship is normally securely packed and sent via UPS Worldwide courier service who have proved to be very reliable so far. Click to find out.
Packaging Ship ModelsPackaging Ship Models
Find out how your purchased ship model (or ship models) will be packed before they are shipped to you. Maximum care is given to the packing of each model ship. Shipping the model ship to you after purchase is of prime importance. That is why we have developed our own secure packaging specific to model ships and designed to withstand the journey to your location. From our experience we know that the model ships will reach you without any problems. We have sent a large amount of model ships via our proven method.
Shipping ChargesShipping Charges
Find our what are the shipping rates that we charge for our ship models and how shipping charges are applied. Model ships can sometimes possess more volume weight than the true model ship weight. Shipping of model ships can therefore be expensive when buying from other sites. We always review our postage and packing for our model ships to provide you with the best possible shipping rates.
Payment OptionsPayment Options
Payment for your ship model could not be easier. A variety of payment options exist giving you a wide choice of fast, secure and reliable ways to pay for your model ships.
Quality & ServiceQuality & Service
We make sure that from the point your ship model order reaches us to you receiving your ship model, you are totally satisfied with our service. We want you to have complete satisfaction over the purchase of your model ship.
Apart from ship models, here are some other UK links & sites of interest that you can browse.
This page is solely dedicated to all our HMS Victory ship models, ship cross sections. Use this page to differentiate between all the historic museum quality HMS Victory models that we have on display. It contains detailed information on the build quality of our HMS Victory models. This HMS Victory page also contains a summary of the history behind the HMS Victory and its close link to the Vice-Admiral Lord Horatio Nelson.
Agamemnon was ordered from the commercial shipbuilder Henry Adams at his Bucklers Hard shipyard on the Beaulieu River on 5 February 1777, to be built to the lines of the Ardent class, as designed by Sir Thomas Slade. In anticipation of the start of Britain's involvement in the French Revolutionary War after the execution of King Louis XVI, Agamemnon was recommissioned on 31 January 1793. She was placed under the command of Captain Horatio Nelson, and after provisioning joined the fleet lying at anchor at the Nore. She subsequently sailed to join the Mediterranean fleet under Vice-Admiral Hood, which was blockading the French port of Toulon
The Sovereign of the seas, possibly the most expensive and most lavishly decorated British ship of all times. In this historic museum quality ship model, just as for the real Sovereign of the Seas, no expense was spared in its construction. All the ships decorations carved by hand each taking hours of dedicated work to complete. The model is a precise and detailed replica of the Sovereign of the Seas. Please be our guest and spend some time to admire this historic nautical masterpiece.
View the historic ship model of the HMS Trincomalee in the Large Ship Model version. An accurate museum quality replica of the HMS Trincomalee docked in Hartlepool. It is precisely built with all it's details replicated to the best level possible.
Amerigo Vespucci, the military scale training ship model. Read the history behind this famous historic ship Amerigo Vespucci which has for long been the pride of the Italian Navy and named after the famous Italian cartographer & explorer who wrote about the americas. The ship was built as a training vessel for the Italian Military Navy although it is not exactly a Man of War. The model displayed is a large version & of museum quality. More astounding are the level of detail and precision in replicating the deck details. Many of the deck details are manually shaped and turned brass items.
View our model of the historic ship The Cutty Sark and read more about its history. An accurate museum quality ship model of the Cutty Sark as docked in Greenwich. One of our most impressive ship models displayed on our website. It is a precise and accurately built replica ship model of the Cutty Sark.
An accurate model of the historic period ship The HMS Bellona built using double plank on frame technique. This museum quality wooden ship model of the HMS Bellona was built according to the original Admiralty plans. This ship model is a masterclass on how to build and achieve the correct hull shape, the bow and stern galleries details. are Read more about the history of this ship.
HM Bark Endeavor (ex Earl of Pembroke) renamed HM Bark Endeavor and re-fitted at Deptford on the Thames in 1768. She sailed under the command of Captain James Cook to the Pacific and Australia. Read the history behind this museum quality ship model and view the pictures of this very detailed large size replica model of the historic ship The HM Bark Endeavour.
View this fine double planked ship model of the historic Royal Yacht Caroline. Named after Queen Caroline (Caroline of Ansbach). A ship that is closely related to the Monarchy and with a considerable amount of history behind it. This historic museum quality ship model is built using double wooden plank on frame technique. The deck details are very detailed and precise giving a very beautiful model.
Examine the fine models of this historic ship The HMAV Bounty. We display a wide range of medium ship models of the HMAV Bounty plus other products ranging between museum quality to representative handmade models. All the models we display are built to a high level of quality.
View our detailed ship model of the French Chebec. The model is based on the French ship Le Requin built for speed and used by Corsairs on interception missions. The model is a very precise and detailed scratchbuilt replica of the French Chebec.
Examine our fine museum quality models of the historic ship The Soleil Royal (Le Soleil Royale). The ship model is available in all sizes. These ship models are very lavishly decorated with wooden handcarved sculptures to an amazing level of detail. They are all built according to the original ships plans. The Soleil Royal (Le Soleil Royale) was built for the King of France Louis XIV.
The Hermione is the famous French frigate on which the Marquis de la Fayette embarked for North America. The Hermione is built by us in three types and sizes of model ships. The Hermione will soon be immortalised in the French Nautical Heritage when the full size replica of the ship is completed in Rochefort. Our models of the Hermione are built entirely in the finest wood to give a classic and authentic collectable model. The Hermione is part of our fine collection of replica sailing ships. These are scale wooden ship models ideal as an ornament & classic nautical decor.
The Belle-Poule was launched only in 1834. Her design was inspired by the USS Constitution cruiser class. The Belle Poule displayed very good sailing properties. On 1 August 1839, under command of the Prince of Joinville, third son of King Louis-Philippe, she left Cherbourg to join the Eastern fleet of Admiral Lalande. The frigate The Belle Poule is one of the special ships in French maritime history. Belle-Poule brought back the remains of Napoléon from St Helena to France in 1840. On September 30, she arrived back in Cherbourg, after leaving the remains of the Emperor in Le Havre. We display two sizes of this ship. They are both high quality static display models completely made out of precious teak wood.
Le Superbe was a third rate with 74 cannon, built by the French in 1784. She was 143 feet long with a beam of over 40 feet. At 1,029 ton, she carried adequate provisions to remain at sea with a crew of approximately 700 men for up to six months. . Our models of the Superbe are built using the finest teak to give a historic and authentic collectable model. The models of the Superbe are available in different sizes and handmade to scale.
The Astrolabe was a horse barge converted to an exploration sailing ship of the French Navy. The ship is famous for her travels with Jules Dumont d'Urville. The ship's name derives from an early nautical navigational instrument, the astrolabe, a precursor to the common sextant. The Astrolabe's first major expedition was under the name of Coquille from 1822 to 1825, when she explored the southern hemisphere. She was renamed Astrolabe after one of La Perouse’s ships. She sailed the Australian and Western Pacific Islands and visited 120 Islands. The ship was engaged in many zoological, botanical & mineralogical exploration missions to New Guinea, Solomon Islands, Caroline Islands, Micronesia & Melanesia.
The French schooner L'ÉTOILE and her sister ship Belle Poule were built in the shipyard of Fécamp, France in 1932. They served as cod fishing vessels off the coast of Iceland until 1938. The season was approximately seven months. During this time the ships mostly operated in depression area with heavy weather. They were built accordingly, stout and sturdy, and for that reason were selected later on as navy training ships. Today French navy officers get their education on them.
BELEM 1896BELEM 1896
The tall ship Belem was especially created to transport cocoa and sugar from Brazil and the West Indies to Nantes, France. On 1979, thanks to a financial help from Les Caisses d'épargne, the tall ship Belem ownership became French once more. In 1990, she participates in the Voiles de la Liberté (Liberty Sails) in Rouen. In 1996, the tall ship Belem celebrated her centenary. In 2002, the Belem is going back to her first destination of 1896, the city of Brazil which gave her her name, Belém (L’Odyssée Atlantique). It will be its second transatlantic voyage (after New York) since her return in France.
The origins of the galley, a typical warship characterised by a very streamlined shape, can be traced back to the Mediterranean ships of classical antiquity. The first examples of the galley date back to the end of the 12th century; successive modifications led to the special lines of the 16th century, its period of greatest expansion and utilisation. Its original function as a vessel of war having been abandoned, the last galleys survived until the second half of the 18th century as status symbols. Lateen rigged galleys like this one were the backbone of Louis XIV's Mediterranean fleet. She carried 8.000 square feet of sail and 427 oarsmen. Because of her low hull, water swamped her deck even in slight seas.

"Le Canot Imperiale", Napoleon's Imperial barge. In 1810, Napoleon's Minister for the Navy, M. Laussat and Admiral Decres ordered the construction in Antwerp, Belgium of a unique vessel which would carry the Emperor in triumphant nautical parades. The construction of the Napoleon's Canot Imperiale began under the direction of master carpenter Le Theau of Granville, France. The detailed wooden sculptures were the work of Yves Collet, master sculpture of Brest.
WASA (VASA) 1627WASA (VASA) 1627
The Wasa (Vasa) was a three-masted ship built for Gustavus Adolphus of Sweden 1626-1628 & launched in 1627. Length 70.00 m, breadth 11,50 m, draught 4,80 m, displacement 1,400 tons, sail area 1,150 m2, with a crew of 133 sailors and 300 soldiers. On its maiden voyage in 1628, the Wasa capsized and sank in the Stockholm harbour. 53 of the ship's 64 cannons were salvaged in 1664. After years of searching and preparation from 1956, Vasa was salvaged with an intact hull on 24 April 1961. The Wasa Museum was opened the following year and is currently Sweden's most popular tourist attraction. Although the Wasa sank it remains one of the most spectacularly decorated ships of its time. It possessed wooden & gold carvings but had the fundamental flaw of its stern being too high above its centre of gravity which made her unstable. This page boasts several highly detailed wooden ship models of the Wasa (Vasa). All ornaments were hand carved in wood. The wooden hull was built using plank on frame method. Only precious woods such as teak, sapelia and mahogany were used to build these very elaborate handcrafted ship models of the Wasa.
The The Friesland was a second rank vessel with 80 guns built around 1663, part of the great fleet of the United Provinces of Holland, consisting of 1700 units. In 1672, sided by 77 vessels under De Ruyter’s command, on board of the admiral-ship Zeven Provincen, it took part in the battle of Solebay with the allied Anglo-French forces. The reconstruction has been carried out on the ground of a reliable Dutch documentation. The model distinguishes itself for the particular refinement of the poop decorations and of the superstructures of the decks.
Batavia was a ship of the Dutch East India Company (VOC). She was built in Amsterdam in 1628, and had 24 cast-iron cannons. Batavia was shipwrecked on her maiden voyage, and made famous by the subsequent mutiny and massacre that took place among the survivors. A twentieth century replica of the ship is also called the Batavia and can be visited in Lelystad, the Netherlands.
The San Felipe was a famous historic Spanish ship of the line and part of the Spanish Armada. It fulfilled many duties during its service but was always seen as the most elaborate and beautifully decorated Spanish Ship of the Line. The San Felipe is presented in two large battleship models. For the San Felipe to show its true beauty, the level of crafstmanship needs to be detailed and to the millimetre. Our models of the San Felipe are authentic replicas and highly collectable works of wooden art. These models are worth much more than priced here on online sale.
Several museum quality sailing ship models of the HMS Surprise as depicted in the film: Master and Commander. These are fine hand built (scratchbuilt) wooden model ships of the HMS Surprise. The hulls for these model are completely built out of wood and handpainted then coated using a special protective lacquer giving the high gloss finish. The HMS Surprise comes in several formats: Large or Medium Model Ships. The deck of the HMS Surprise is built with thin planks of teak in a dark varnish. The HMS Surprise is one of our best selling static display ship models.
The Grand Banks Market Schooner Flying Fish operated from Boston to the rich fishing grounds off Nova Scotia. The Flying Fish Market Schooner is a wooden schooner ship dating from 1860. The Flying Fish Schooner Ship was designed by the famous shipbuilder Jeremiah Burham she was launched in 1860 in Essex, Massachusetts. Due to its special construction and the enormous amount she carried the Flying Fish was one of the fastest vessels of the Gloucester fishing fleet.
The Harvey is a clipper ship from Baltimore USA. It is an American clipper built for speed with the role of quick blockades and chases. Just like the Albatros, it is built with many sails and with very little number of items on deck to reduce the amount of weight carried. It is the good ratio between the thrust obtained from it's sails and the weight that made the Harvey such an effective clipper ship.
Endeavour Yacht was a 130 foot J-class sailing yacht built for the 1934 America's Cup by Camper and Nicholson in Gosport, Portsmouth Harbour, England. This is our best selling model yacht as it is a beatiful model and very compact in size. Our model yachts are the best handmade with the best quality material. We have 3 types of yacht models of the Endeavour on display.
The Gorch Fock, commissioned to the German Navy on 26 June 1933, is a three masted barque: she has square sails on fore and main mast and is gaff rigged on the mizzen. The design of the Gorch Fock proved highly successful. She was the first of a series of five ships built by Blohm & Voss in the German Shipyard Hamburg. A number of South American school ships are also based on the same design. The ship was designed to be especially robust and safe against capsizing following capsizing disasters experienced by the German Navy. The Gorch Fock served as a training vessel for the German Reichsmarine.
The Three Christopher Columbus Ships - Christopher Columbus (1451 - 1506)
Christopher Columbus was an Italian who sailed under the Spanish Flag. He persevered in his quest to obtain backing for an expedition to sail a small fleet of ships to search for a sea route to the Indies. In 1492 King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella of Spain finally give Christopher Columbus the money and ships for his expedition. The names of the 1497 Christopher Columbus Ships were the Nina, the Pinta and the Santa Maria. The brave men of the 1400's and 1500's, like Christopher Columbus, who sailed in uncharted waters to unknown lands were courageous adventurers who were motivated by fame, glory and the wealth.
As a privateer, Surcouf used tactics to compensate being out-gunned by larger British man of war & their superior firepower. As a typical corsair, or pirate to some, he would use small, fast ships to make the huge ships think he was either not enough of a threat, a vessel on the verge of sinking, or a fishing vessel. Even when the British fired at him, his ships were too fast for the large British warships. When alongside an enemy ship, elite marines waited belowdecks until an order was given to board. When the men sprang forth, the British warship cannons could not depress enough to fire directly on the French ship. Surcouf was renouned for his craftily engineered plans, tricks and astuces to outfox his enemy and gain the upper hand. Models of two of his most famous ships are listed in this section namely the La Confiance and the Le Renard (The Fox), the latter being a very convenient ship's name for a man of Surcouf's reputation.
Brick Negrier, a French ship widely used mainly for the purpose of slave trade. This ship was specially designed to be able to access & sail upriver where trading took place. This type of ship had diminished capacity but was faster than other previous ships employed in the slave trade. It was favoured by traders at the time when the slave trade was declared illegal in 1815. Nevertheless, the trade continued for half a century in spite of legal prohibitions, harsh sanctions and a strict control. It is a stark reminder of an unfortunate part of world history.
The Albatross was built as a schooner at the state shipyard in Amsterdam, Netherlands, in 1920, to serve as a pilot boat in the North Sea. The ship spent two decades working the North Sea before being purchased by the German government in 1937. She served as a radio-station ship for submarines during Second World War. In 1949, Royal Rotterdam Lloyd bought her for use as a training ship for future officers of the Dutch merchant marine. The Albatross is available in small and medium ship model range on our website. The model of the Albatross possess sleek lines built all in wood.
The Golden Hind or Hinde was a British ship (galleon) built in 1576 and is famous for being Sir Francis Drake's ship of choice during the circumnavigation of the globe between 1577 and 1580. She was originally known as the Pelican, but was renamed by Drake mid-voyage in 1578. Sir Francis Drake called it the Golden Hind to compliment his patron, Sir Christopher Hatton, whose armorial crest was a golden 'hind' (a female deer). Hatton was one of the principal sponsors of Drake's world voyage.
Wappen von Hamburg was built in Hamburg in the Deich-tor shipyard and the sailing ship was launched in 1669. Its main purpose was to serve as an escort vessel on voyages to the spit Bergen. On the 10th of October 1683 she was the victim of a fire which broke out on board which spread to the ship and attained the ship's reserve of gunpowder causing the ship to explode. While the origin of the fire remains unknown, a large portion of the crew lost their lives including Admiral Karbfanger of the 170 sailors nearly half of the them died in the disaster. Our ship model is a fine representation and decorative model ship of this famous German sailing ship and a fine collection model.
The J Class has its roots in the oldest sporting race in the world, The America’s Cup. This International Event was born from an annual race around the Isle of Wight, hosted by the Royal Yacht Squadron and called the ‘100 Guinea Cup’. In 1851, an overseas yacht was allowed to participate for the first time. The yacht America was built that year to an innovative new design and had sailed to the Solent in search of racing. Initially excluded from racing against British yachts, she was finally allowed to enter the Round The Island Race for the ‘100 Guinea Cup’. In this section we display all our J Class model yachts as well as other types of yachts and we are constantly adding new yacht models to complete our collection. We Admiralty Ship Models have established a large fan base of model enthusiasts and collectors who regularly purchase this range of models. We present here a fine collection of replica model yachts in our online store.
Feel free to check for ship models that have been commissioned and will soon be available for purchase on our site. There is a whole array of model boats, half hulls and boat crossections that will be available soon. We are constantly expanding our range of products, so keep checking the site for new updates. Coming soon are: HMS Agamemnon replica model boat and a whole fleet of quality model ships that will amaze you.
Riva Aquarama range were speedboats built and engineered for quality by Italian yachtbuilder Riva. The speedboat models became very popular between the 1960's and 1970's when it was adopted by the aristocracy of Monte Carlo and Venice. The success of the Riva models was based on the classic wooden look and sheer beauty of the shape combined with the power of the engine. Its production ran for over three decades from 1962 until 1996. In fact the Riva was inspired by the American mahogany Craft runabouts. However the Riva was always quite expensive due to its speed, beauty and the craftsmanship. The Aquarama was regarded by many admirers as the sports car of the rivers and lakes. Admiralty Ship Models presents the best replica model speedboats available on the market built to scale and with high quality parts.



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