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BELEM 1896
Admiralty Ship Model > BELEM 1896

French Three Masted Training Tall-Ship - BELEM

Construction year: 1896.
Shipbuilding: Dubigeon, Nantes.
Home Port: Nantes.
Flag: France.
Hull length: 51 m.
Main mast height: 34 m.
Number of sails: 22.
Sail area: about 1100-1200 m².
Classification: Tall Ship, Training Ship

1896-1900. Her beginnings.
1896, birth. The Tall Ship Belem was built within seven months in the shipbuilding yard Dubigeon in Nantes for the shipowner Crouan. 1896-1897, maiden voyage. Under the orders of Captain Lemerle, the Belem leaves on July 31st for Montevideo to take a load of she-mules for the city of Belém in Brazil. It arrived safe and sound at destination but a fire ravaged the hold and killed all animals. 1897, second voyage. Under the orders of Captain Rioual, the Tall Ship Belem maked the same route as in its maiden journey, but this time, it delivered successfully to Belém her load of she-mules and sheeps. She returned to Nantes with the priceless cocoa from Pará. 1897-1899, third to fifth voyage. Under the orders of Captain Dolu, the Belem leaves for Buenos Aires via Cardiff. She made a stopover in Belém on the way home. Always under the orders of Captain Dolu, Belem made another trip to Buenos Aires with a stopover on the way back in Belém. Getting ready for its fifth journey, she collided with an English steamer in Saint-Nazaire harbour. The fifth voyage is the last journey of Captain Dolu before his pension. 1899-1900, sixth to eighth voyage. Captain Chauvelon is named commander of the Belem but a suite of hazards and setbacks prevented him from running the vessel. 1901-1914. Chauvelon’s years.
1901-1902, the Chauvelon’s first three campaigns. May 8th, 1902, Mont Pelée. The Tall Ship Belem was present in Martinique when the volcano named Mont Pelée destroyed its capital, Saint-Pierre. 1907-1908, the Demange’s interlude. After the liquidation of the Crouan’s company, the Belem passes briefly under Demange Frères’ colours and was used on their line of Cayenne.
1909-1914, Fleuriot’s years. The Tall Ship Belem is sold to another shipowner, but she kept her captain and continued to serve French Guyane and the French West Indies. The thirty-second and last campaign. From September 6, 1913 till January 31, 1914, the Belem made its last merchant ship voyage. She is going to change pavilion at its return from the Caribbean. 1914-1921. The yacht of the Duke of Westminster. Westminster’s Yacht. Acquired by Englishmen, the Belem undergoes profound changes to be convenient for its new vocation : big luxury yacht. 1921-1939. The adventure around the world with Ernest Guinness.
Fantôme II. Under this new name, the Belem, bought by the owner of the famous Irish brewery, is going to sail all around the world. 1939-1951, years of expectation. Years of expectation, The Fantôme II will remain parked in the island of Wight until 1952. 1951-1979. Training ship in Italy.
The Giorgo Cini. The Fantôme II is bought back by the foundation Cini to serve as its training ship. On 1979, the return in France. Thanks to a financial help from Les Caisses d’épargne, the Giorgio Cini ownership became French once more. From 1980 to now. A new adventure under a French pavilion. The French three masted training ship Belem. Thanks to the sponsoring of les Caisses d’Épargne and the French Navy, the boat is restored and can sail again as a training ship opened to all. On September 5th, 1985, the deep sea tugboat the Éléphant took care of her and lead her to Brest. On September 17th, joined at the Pointe Saint Mathieu by the schooners of the Navy, the Étoile and the Belle-Poule, the cutter the Mutin and the launch of the maritime admiral-prefect of Brest, the Belem went triumphantly into the natural harbour. In 1986, the ship could finally make a great voyage: crossing the Atlantic Ocean towards the city of New York, she will participate to the celebrations around the centenary of the Statue of the Liberty and the demonstrations of Op’ Sail. 1987 was her first season of exploitation as training ship. Since, the boat welcomes nine months a year trainees curious to discover manoeuvers of this linen cathedral and the life aboard a tall ship. And she also gives the occasion to a wide audience to dream a little. The management of the crew and supplies are entrusted under control of the Foundation to the Société Morbihanaise and Nantaise de Navigation. In 1990, she participates in the Voiles de la Liberté (Liberty Sails) in Rouen. In 1996, the Belem celebrated her centenary. In 2002, the Belem is going back to her first destination of 1896, the city of Brazil which gave her her name, Belém (“L’Odyssée Atlantique”). It will be its second transatlantic voyage (after New York) since her return in France.

Belem 1896 France Belem 1896 France

Part Wooden & Part Glass Fibre Hull

Length: 34" (86 cm)
Width: 12" (31 cm)
Height: 23" (59 cm)

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Price:   £450.00 (Euro 630.00)

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Further Facts about the French Ship Belem

Three Masted Tallship Belem

She was especially created to transport cocoa and sugar from Brazil and the West Indies to Nantes, France. The boat was sold to the duke of Westminster, on February 11th, 1914. The Belem undergoes profound changes to be convenient for its new vocation : big luxury yacht......

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