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Reale de France - Louis XIV's Sumptuous Galley (1630 - 1690)

The construction of the galley was an art, principally the denominated "Reales", then serving the kings, were richly ornamented with great sculptured masterpieces wich were made by the best period artists.The rowers worked in banks and each staff had to follow the knock of the cadence official, if one bank had been lost the rhythm due fatigue or another cause the rest resented the effects and collapsed, the paddles movimentation were totally unbalanced. The origins of the galley, a typical warship characterised by a very streamlined shape, can be traced back to the Mediterranean ships of classical antiquity. The first examples of the galley date back to the end of the 12th century; successive modifications led to the special lines of the 16th century, its period of greatest expansion and utilisation. Its original function as a vessel of war having been abandoned, the last galleys survived until the second half of the 18th century as status symbols. Lateen rigged galleys like this one were the backbone of Louis XIV's Mediterranean fleet. She carried 8.000 square feet of sail and 427 oarsmen. Because of her low hull, water swamped her deck even in slight seas. With mediterranean origin, the galley were wessels of conception and particular construction, endowed of incomparable beauty.

La Reale de France 1600's (New Product) La Reale de France 1600's (New Product)

Length: 35" (90 cm)
Width: 18" (45 cm)
Height: 22" (56 cm)

Another Rare Classic & Highly Detailed French Historic Ship Model. A true jewel displaying the highest degree of craftmanship.

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Price:   £975.00 (Euro 1,365.00)

Reale de France Galley - Detailed Ship History

With officers drawn from the French nobility and the fighting forces provided by the Infantry, the only real problem with manning the Galleys was finding people to man the oars. And a lot were needed, up to 427 for a vessel the size of the "Reale". Since few men were likely to volunteer for such service, the French used prisoners of war and inmates from the prison system to provide the muscle. Modern sailors are familiar with the term "galley slave" but ......(Read More).

The Reale de France Galley. A History.

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Admiralty Ship Model > REALE DE FRANCE 1600's



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