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Admiralty Ship Model > HMS TRINCOMALEE 1817

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HMS Trincomalee History

The HMS Trincomalee was laid down at Wadia shipyard in Bombay in 1816 and launched on 12 October 1917. The HMS Trincomalee was equipped with 38-guns. The HMS Trincomalee was built mainly with Malabar teak. The Trincomalee reached Britain in 1819 in Portsmouth harbour. In 1845 she was commissioned for service as a coal transporter. The Trincomalee was then modified and reclassified as a 26-gun Corvette. In 1847 she served in the West Indies. She also served as a Drill Ship for Royal Naval Volunteers. Between 1860 and 1897 she was moored, mast-less in Sunderland then West Hartlepool and finally in Southampton. The philanthropist G Wheatly Cobb bought HMS Trincomalee and renamed it HMS Foudroyant after Vice Admiral Lord Nelson's famous ship. The Trincomalee was moored in Falmouth and later at Portsmouth. In 1932 she was managed by the Implacable Committee of the Society for Nautical Research. During the war the vessel was taken over for the training of Sea Cadets. She was returned to Royal Navy and became an adventure training base for Sea Cadets and other youth groups. The Trincomalee was moved north during the second world war to prevent her from being attacked by submarines. In 1987 the Trincomalee was transferred to Hartlepool. The restoration started in 1990 and the ship is currently open to daily visits to the public.

HMS Trincomalee-HMS Foudroyant 1817 G.Britain HMS Trincomalee-HMS Foudroyant 1817 G.Britain

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Length: 39" (1.0 m)
Width: 13.5" (34 cm)
Height: 27" (69 cm)

A detailed copper plated wooden model ship of the British frigate HMS Trincomalee docked in Hartlepool.

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Price:   £1,550.00 (Euro 2,170.00)

LIMITED STOCK Please Use EMail or Phone No. at Bottom of Page to Order to Check for Availability.

HMS Trincomalee Ship Model - More Info on the Build Quality of this Model

This large ship model of the HMS Trincomalee is totally handcrafted from scratch. The hull of the model is built using plank on frame technique. The lower section of the hull of the ship model is copper plated using thin copper sheeting which are individually cut and fixed side by side on the surface of the hull. The upper part of the hull is lacquer painted black for a striking finish. The colours used on this ship model are an exact match of those used on the HMS Trincomalee docked in Hartlepool. The decking on this ship model is a fully laminated deck made using and array of very narrowly cut wooden planks. The decks are of pine wood and treated with a light varnish to demonstrate the athenticity of the work. The deck details on this model are miniature replicas of the real HMS Trincomalee. The cannons are individually turned from brass rods and mounted onto wooden supports. The ship's figurehead is a wooden handcarved piece which took hours to complete. It is also painted for an exact representation of the true HMS Trincomalee ship's figurehead. The masts used on this ship model are made out of solid wood. All mast tops and tessle trees are painted black and are also built according to plans. Several thicknesses of rigging are used on the model.

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Link to the HMS Trincomalee Official Site

Visit the virtual HMS Trincomalee via the official website. View the HMS Trincomalee as docked in Hartlepool.

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Our Ship Models Making Process

Our Ship Models Making Process

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Admiralty Ship Model > HMS TRINCOMALEE 1817



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