Admiralty Ship Models Ltd
HMS Victory - Highest Quality (Sails Opened)
Long hours of work were invested in this model of the HMS Victory. This is our best & most accurate model of the Victory yet. All decorations on this model is made out of handcarved wood. Black canons, a rarity on common models these days, as used on the ships of that era. All proportions of the hull shape were carefully respected. Hull planking runs from the bow to fully underneath the stern. The colour scheme of this replica model matches that of the HMS Victory dry-docked in Portsmouth. Admire the structure between the bow & foc'sle which was carefully modelled. Deck planking is copper pinned. Deck details were built and arranged to scale. The rigging uses black and white roping of varying thickness for very accurate representation of the ship. All decorations both on the stern and bow are handcarved wood. In a nutshell, this model is our best HMS Victory model built to date.