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More On Custom Orders
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Custom Built Ship Models

We have received many requests from ship modelling enthusiasts, maritime museums and maritime firms to custom build both accurate wooden plank on frame period ship models and (fibre glass / wooden) modern ships & warships. We have built many ship models to customer's specifications ranging from basic but very detailed ship model to the extremely detailed and accurate museum quality ship model. Such orders are given extra special care. We first consult our list of blueprints and research material to build a visual representation of the model. The customer can specify the level of detail they require. We then take the customer's special requests on board. Our craftsmen are given very specific instructions to be applied during the build of the model based on the customer's requirements.

In some cases, ship model blueprints don't exist or are unaccessible for some reason. In that case, we can work off our own research combined with the customer's specifications of the required ship model. All you have to do is determine exactly what you require, assemble the information you have and contact us at ( If you are interested in finding out how our model ships are made, then please click on Model Ships Buiding - Model Construction Process.

The Eras & Periods That We Focus On

We have the capability for building all types of ship models (medium or large museum quality ship models) from the different eras and periods of history. We build models of ships from the following eras:

* Pre & Post Medieval Period Ship Models & Warships

Ships of the Roman, Carthagenian, Viking & Byzantine Empires

* Britain's Reformation & Restoration Period Ship Models & Warships (1485 until 1689 AD)

This encompasses the Tudor times, the war against France, Circumnavigation of the globe by Sir Francis Drake and his battles against the Spanish Armada, John Cabot arrives in Newfoundland, Pilgrims migration to North-America, Charles the first followed by Charles the second: The building of the Sovereign of the Seas and many other warships to establish strong command of the seas. The first Navigation Act and England gains monopoly of foreign trade. The Anglo-Dutch wars. The Bill of Rights.

* Ship Models for Britain's Age of Empire (1689 until 1901 AD)

The war of the Spanish Succession, The seven years war against France. The East India Company's monopoly over trade. The american revolution and American independence. War between England & France leading to the Napoleonic Wars. During the Napoleonic Era, France constitutes a serious invasion threat to Britain & only the British Navy fleet stands in the way. Nelson's fleet led by the HMS Victory spearheads then destroys the French and Spanish fleets at the Battle of Trafalgar but is shot in the process. Nelson dies shortly after receiving news of victory. This sparks the begining of the end for Napoleon who is defeated five years later in Waterloo. The Famine in Ireland causing mass immigration to America. Queen Victoria becomes empress of India. Britain is an Empire on which the sun never sets. Trade routes between Britain and the colonies are fully exploited. The Boer war. German naval expansion begins.

* Ship Models of the Modern Era (1901 until Present Day)

Ships of the first and second world wars. Modern Warships, Dreadnoughts, Aircraft Carriers, Minesweeper Ships, Cruise ship & luxury liners ships, private sailing yachts, private modern yachts, paddle ships, trawlers, fishing boat, river boat, canal boat, leisure boats, speedboats.

You can also gain a better idea of the hours of work and process we use to build our ship models. Click to view or Construction Process.

Higher Level of Build Quality for Custom Made Ship Models

For custom made ship models, we are able to produce very accurate plank on frame / bulkhead ship models with an even higher quality than what we currently have on display. It obviously takes a little longer to produce these custom made ship models but the end result is worth the wait. Everything depends on the requirements of the customer. You specify the details you want improved or added, we will implement all your requested changes to the custom model. For any further info on ordering your particular ship model, get in touch with us.

View Our List of Ship Model Blueprints for Custom Building.

Pricing for Custom Built Ship Models & Model Warships

Naturally, custom built models do fetch a higher price than model ships. When we have discussed the details that you want implemented in the model, we then try to produce an estimate of the total price. We bear in mind the amount of working hours necessary for completion of the commissioned model. We also take into consideration the amount of extra work and care that has to be allocated to give you a very accurate ship model. Any quotes that we give you may however be subjected to revision if there are unforeseen problems during the build. Need a quote, then get in touch via our Contact Us page

Guidelines for Ordering Your Custom Built Ship Models

Please call and email us with the necessary details, as described below, to facilitate the reception of your custom ship model order Contact Us.

In a first instance we would require all the basic information about the ship model you want us to build. This should include the following information:
1. The type of ship model you require (Yacht, Period Ship etc..)
2. The dimensions or scale of the model ship you would like us to build
3. Any pictures of the actual ship or boat would be welcome
4. The details that you want us to replicate (e.g. deck details, special features)
5. When you require the ship model for. It is important you specify the deadline for final delivery of the model.
6. Please provide any plans or blueprints of the real ship if you possess them
7. The name of the ship and it's period. We may have previously built the ship model or another similar one.

The next stage is to have a conversation either face to face or over the phone to take further details from you in order to gain more specific information on the ship model you would like us to build. We also propose you improvements and a range of options for materials, level of detail, size and many other variables relating to the final quality of the ship model.

Once this is done we agree the pricing for the production of the model and delivery costs. We therefore confirm your order via an invoice. The invoice will also contain all the specific details which we have agreed.

Please note that 50% of the total amount is required for the start of the build and the remainder is required prior to shipment of the model ship. Note that no product will be released until final payment of the total amount requested and agreed in the invoice.

Once the work started on you custom order, we canb provide you with regular updates on the progress of the work. We also provide you upon request with photographs of the ship model being built so you can have sufficient feedback on the progress.

At Admiralty Ship Models, we will ensure you the best service and product quality as you can see from our vast array of ship models on display on our website. We will not take on your custom order if we don't have the capability of doing the job. We work very hard to ensure that you are always happy with your customn ship model order. Please Contact Us.

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